Helen Mirren in Nicholas Oakwell Couture

Posted on February 11, 2013

Before we get to the Grammys and Downton Abbey and Fashion Week and all that other stuff that kept us up till 1 am and then had us springing (rolling, really) out of bed at 6 am, let us start the day off with a prayer.

Helen Mirren attends the 2013 BAFTA Awards in a Nicholas Oakwell couture gown.

Nicholas Oakwell Spring 2013 Couture Collection

Oh, excuse us. That’s not a prayer, that’s a song. A happy one.

Queen Helen has lately been in a style rut, as far as we’re concerned. She seemed to want to dress appropriately for her age and her body, but had trouble settling on a style that fulfilled those requirements while still being fun and fabulous. The result was a lot of poorly chosen looks that wound up resembling widow’s weeds.

But HERE; here she’s having tremendous fun with her fashion again – and it shows. And isn’t that the Number One rule for style? Before every other consideration, you have to have fun with it. You have to like not just how you look in it, but how you feel in it.

Sure, we wish the dress was a little more colorful and fitted a little better to her, but in the end, the look on her face and her own body language sell this garment like nothing else could. Also: cotton candy hair. Gotta love it.


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, nicholasoakwellcouture.com]

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