Ed Westwick in Tommy Hilfiger

Posted on February 15, 2013

Ed, we have two things we want to say to you and your pink pants.


Ed Westwick attends Tommy Hilfiger New West Coast Flagship Opening in West Hollywood, California.

Okay, first: Never, ever, EVER give a thumbs-up when you’re on a red carpet. The only thing douchier (more douchey?) is finger guns. We realize you feel the need and/or are contractually obligated to show off your Liberace High, Class of 2005 ring, but you’ll have to find a more subtle way.

Second: Our thinking is this: We can only salute a guy willing to sport the fitted pink pants. Many a man would run away screaming from them, but Ed really is that rarity among boystars: he not only puts in the work; he takes risks too. So, great. Pink pants. But if you’re going to take a detour into Candy Land, you’re pretty much obligated to follow it through. In other words, the wrinkled, untucked and unbuttoned shirt, that oddly cropped jacket, and the carefully cultivated growth of fuzz simply don’t go. It feels like a sad attempt to butch up something that doesn’t take well to butching up.

You’ve embraced the Brotherhood of the Pink Pants, Ed. Huzzah. Now go find the crisp shirt and tailored plaid jacket they’re crying out for.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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