Channing Tatum in Dolce&Gabana

Posted on February 01, 2013

It’s boy o’clock, kittens.


Channing Tatum attends the premiere of ‘Side Effects’ in New York City in Dolce&Gabbana.

Cue the “It’s for a role” queens, but we don’t think that’s the best haircut for him. But who knows? Maybe this time, it’s for a role.

Anyway, let’s all once again sigh over his impeccable style. A meathead like him could rest on “hot” for a good number of years, but unlike a lot of male stars of his type and age, he regularly puts the effort in. That’s going to really serve him well as he ages out of the types of roles he’s getting now. Wrinkles may form and hair fall out, but style don’t crack, darlings. He’s doing it right.

But his loose tie is making our eyelids twitch, we have to admit.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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