Michelle Obama Double Shot

Posted on January 21, 2013

It’s inauguration day here in the U.S., and as with all things, it gives us opportunity to judge people for their style choices. The big news of this inauguration has nothing to do with politics, of course. It’s all about Shelley’s hair.

No, really. You wouldn’t believe the number of messages we received in the last few days, all to the effect of “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SHELLEY’S HAIR?!?”

U.S President Barack Obama takes the oath of office as first lady Michelle Obama holds the bible in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington, DC. Michelle Obama wears Reed Krakoff.

Let’s talk about the clothes first. It’s classic Shelley. A rich color, full skirt, kitten heels and a cardigan. Nothing too surprising here. This is a simple, relatively private moment, so we wouldn’t have expected her to go for anything showy. We would’ve liked to have seen a pop of color somewhere on her to break up all that blue, though. We’re resigned to her cardigans at this point, but is it too much for us to hope for an avoidance of matchiness?

Later, FLOTUS got her BAM moment:

U.S. President Barack Obama, with First Lady Michelle Obama, at the Inaugural Reception at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Michele Obama wears Michael Kors.

Again, it’s classic Shelley O. Michael Kors has always done right by her and it’s no different here. It’s a simple dress, but a high-impact one. Love all the arm jewelry, which really makes the look.

As for the hair, we’re courting controversy here, but we don’t quite love it. It’s possible we’ll get used to it over time, but we honestly think it’s not the most flattering cut for her face.

At any rate, we’ll be checking in on all FLOTUS outfits for the next day or two – and there should be many.


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