Kirsten Dunst in Louis Vuitton

Posted on January 15, 2013

Okay, Kittens. Load up on your Ovaltine and Tang this morning, because, like yesterday, we’ve got a whole buttload of gowns and dresses to get through. In a way, awards season makes us a little sad, because the boys get shunted off to the side and you can pretty much forget about “On the Street” posts for a while.

Oh, what are we saying? GOWNS, darlings! GOWNS and BITCHERY! Isn’t that what life is all about?

Hit it, Kiki.

Kirsten Dunst attends The Art of Elysium’s 6th Annual HEAVEN Gala in Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection/Models: Marcele Dal Cortivo (OUI)/Pauline Hoarau (ELITE)

We admit, we’re a bit surprised that so many ladystars apparently were dying to wear the mod-inspired checkerboard pieces from this collection. We would have figured, since most of them can’t be bothered with things like color and print, that they’d all avoid these dresses like the plague. But the designs must’ve stirred something in them, because they appear to be quite popular.

We have to say, Kirsten’s really killing it in this dress. She looks gorgeous. We even like the soft hair and extremely simple clutch. She’s letting the whole look rest on that dress, and that’s as it should be. Nicely done.


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