Jodie Foster in Giorgio Armani

Posted on January 14, 2013



Jodie Foster attends the 2013 Golden Globe Awards in Giorgio Armani.

While the press and a whole bunch of other writers seem to be a bit confused as to what, exactly, happened, we think congratulations and back pats are in order. Yes, the whole world pretty much knew Jodie was gay and yes, she danced around the subject in the past, and yes, for the pedantic people in the room, it’s true; she didn’t actually utter the words, “I’m gay.” But she didn’t have to. Instead she offered up a rambling, emotional, exhilarating rant that laid bare her soul and her life to a roomful of people and a camera full of the world. It was awkward and funny, cringe-inducing and uplifting. Sloppy and real. And when it was over, we sat there, stunned and open-mouthed, until Tom finally managed the words, “Good. For. HER.”

In truth, we’ve always had a bit of a problem with her reticence, but there’s something to be said for living your life on your own damn terms and Jodie made it perfectly clear that it wasn’t cowardice that kept her from telling the word her sexual orientation, but a fierce need for privacy from a woman who never really had it in her life. Until you’ve actually had to do it, no one can really understand just how emotional it is to tell people the fundamental truth about yourself; that thing that, unlike heterosexuality, you had to struggle with and come to terms with and learn to accept. There’s obviously a huge part of her that thinks public comings-out by celebrities are silly things (as evidenced by her crack about “press conferences, fragrances, and reality shows”), but there was also, quite obviously, a part of her that was thrilled and exuberant and weightless after it was said. We know the feeling, Jodie. Good for you.

Oh, and even before you dropped that little bomb on the room, we thought your dress was pretty damn fierce.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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