IN or OUT: Nicole Kidman in Erdem

Posted on January 30, 2013

One charge it’s tough to hang around Nicole’s neck is half-assedness in her style. Regardless of what you may think of the results, the fact is, she never fails to put the effort in. We never see her in an outfit that feels thrown together.

But this sure as hell does:

Nicole Kidman attends the 2nd Annual AACTA Awards in Sydney, Australia in an Erdem a strapless embroidered dress in crepe accessorized with Brian Atwood ‘Evie’ shoes.

Erdem Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Andie Arthur

We are having nothing but negative reactions. It’s a very pretty dress, but that color does absolutely nothing good for her and the shape of the skirt isn’t particularly flattering to her. Worse, her hair and face look greasy and her shoes look Payless. Oh, Nicole. Has something terrible happened in your life?

Wait. You guys do agree with us on this, right? She looks … not good here, right? We’re not just being moody?


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IN! You’re being moody. She looks pretty.


OUT! Sallow and sweaty is SO not fabulous.


Both Naya Rivera’s bodice-ripper and Jessica Lange’s wrinkly sheer panels were voted OUT.


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