IN or OUT: Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera

Posted on January 14, 2013

We have a new mission in life. It’s to get people to stop referring to curtains and couches every time a star wears a floral. It’s silly; as if florals can only be used for such things. And it’s so limiting, because that kind of criticism directly results in lady stars wearing bland bandage dresses. Open your minds, bitches.

Lucy Liu attends the 2013 Golden Globe Awards in Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Besides, we think it looks more like those printed denim jackets that were popular with girls in the ’80s.

Even so, we think it’s a gorgeous dress. Romantic, regal and feminine, like a 21st Century Marie Antoinette. Free yourself of lazy thinking, darlings. Florals don’t automatically equal drapery and upholstery. Look at her. Can you honestly say she looks like a couch? Or that she looks anything less than gorgeous here? Please. Do you want to see nothing but black sequined gowns and beige bandage dresses on the red carpet? Think of the children. Free your mind.

You are, however, free to hate her braid like we do.

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IN! Damn skippy, T Lo. She looks gorgeous and besides, I haven’t seen a floral couch or curtain in years!


OUT! Curtains! Couch! Grandma! Sound of Music! Other random words I spew when I see florals!


Amanda Seyfried’s very complicated dress was fiercely debated, with the vote coming down to OUT.


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