IN or OUT: Jennifer Lopez in Lanvin Blanche

Posted on January 24, 2013

If we were more manipulative sorts, we’d have a headline something like “J LO HITS THE RED CARPET IN A BRIDAL GOWN! BITCH IS CRAZY!”

But just as you eagerly click on the link, visions of a Latina Miss Havisham dancing in your heads, you would be met with this:


Jennifer Lopez attends a screening of ‘Parker’ in New York City in a Lanvin Blanche dress. Shoes and clutch also by Lanvin.

Lanvin Blanche 2013 Bridal collection

Dashing your hopes of seeing Jenny in tattered rags, wandering the red carpet like a madwoman. No, it’s just another J Lo white dress; one in a long line of them. It’s the way she interprets “chic.” Like, when she wants to tone things down and be taken seriously as some sort of artist, she busts out the form-fitting creamy-white dress. It’s her thing. Well. It’s one of her things. She’s got a lot of them.

It’s a look. We have no real issue with white when it’s deployed well. It always looks good on her. Not much in love with the waist bow. And we think she’s got way too many diamonds on one hand. Plus the shoes are kind of an unimaginative, borderline-bridal choice. We don’t know, you guys. We think she looks pretty okay here, even if it’s not as exciting as, say, dressing up like a supervillain.

What do y’all think? Are we being too nice?


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IN! Nothing wrong with classic, low-key chic. Especially since she’s stuck on the “tacky” setting so often.


OUT! Boring and bridal.



Diane Kruger’s “I’m a little (French) teapot” getup was voted IN, but just barely.



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