IN or OUT: Jennifer Aniston in Christian Dior

Posted on January 10, 2013

We’ve spent so much time ragging on poor Jen about her predilection for wearing sequined bathtowels, and now that we’ve effectively broken her of the habit (we like to think, because we’re just that influential), we find it hard to criticize her, even when we think she got it wrong.


Jennifer Aniston attends 2013 People’s Choice Awards in a Christian Dior dress paired with Fred Leighton jewelry and Tom Ford sandals.

So you do it:

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IN! What the hell are you bitches talking about? She looks fierce!


OUT! Oh, girl. That is one awkward motherfucker of a dress.

Fine. We’ll start you off:

  1. It’s leather.
  2. It shortens her torso.
  3. It flares out too much at the hips.

Basically, it’s hellaciously unflattering and she looks like an S&M cupcake. Discuss.

Amanda Seyfried’s gladiator dress was voted a firm OUT by the Bitter Kittens.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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