Hailee Steinfeld in Chanel

Posted on January 23, 2013

We don’t quite know what it is about Miss Hailee, but of the crop of starlets in her age group – Elle and Chloe, mostly – she’s the one who inspires the most avuncular harrumphing out of us.

“Avuncular harrumphing.” That’s pretty good on half a cup of coffee, wouldn’t you say? Anyway, look:

Hailee Steinfeld attends the Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 Couture show in Paris in Chanel. Shoes by Christian Louboutin. 

Chanel Spring 2013 Collection ‘Lego’ Clutch

We don’t know; something about her makes us want to start every sentence with “Young lady…” Like, “Young lady, explain to us this whole ‘granny chic’ thing among the young.” “Young lady, is that a giant Lego you’re sporting?” “Young lady, those heels are too high.” And finally, “Young lady, just what the fuck is going on with your hair?”

Hey, when we said “avuncular,” we didn’t mean we were traditional or anything.

But y’know? We think this is really kind of cute and fun. From knees to shoulders, she’s wearing something that would look just fine on any woman of any age older than her age, from 26 to 76. Granted, not many septuagenarians are likely to sport leather pencil skirts, but you never know. Then she had it styled with kickass shoes (still traditional), a Greek fisherman’s cap (a little goofy), and a big ol’ Lego clutch (totally fun). The result? It all kind of works for us. It’s entirely appropriate for Paris fashion shows, but still lets a little of her youth and playfulness shine through. Well done, Young Lady. But your hair still looks a little fucking weird to us. Harrumph.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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