Evan Rachel Wood in Ralph Lauren

Posted on January 22, 2013

Let’s get away from the gowns and the politics for a moment and wallow in some hip-chick style, shall we?

Evan Rachel Wood attends ‘The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman’ premiere during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in a Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit.

This is an instance where we love the idea of something more than the actuality of it. Lady rocking a men’s suit? Love it. Lady in a men’s suit that’s pretty much fitted like a men’s suit? Not so much. Call us drearily gender-normative if you must, but we think menswear on women works best when it takes into account the differences in body type. The pants and the jacket would have looked so much better to our eyes if they’d been fitted to her. As it is, she’s become a sturdy column in pin stripes. And while there are many words and phrases one can use when describing Evan Rachel Wood, “sturdy column” is not one that should spring to mind.

But hey, at least there’s this: when male stars wear those Little Tramp boots with their suits we get all kinds of rage-y, but here, we think it’s kind of cute and witty.

We cannot sign off on that hair, though. No way.


[Photo Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

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