Emma Stone in Lanvin

Posted on January 08, 2013

Darlings, we are continuing our annual post-holiday tradition of passing the same cold back and forth to each other. You see, T Lo’s world is a childless one (to their eternal delight) and when the holidays roll around and we are allowed to come out of our little blogging holes and see the sunlight, we find ourselves faced with an array of prepubescents; sniffling, snotty, dirty little things with parents who have built up an immunity to their little petri dishes and thus are completely unaware of the ticking viral time bombs lurking inside their little darlings. We have no such immunity and by the time January 2nd rolls around, one of us has a cold. By January 5th, the other one does. And by January 10th or so, the cold will be passed back to the original bearer. So here we sit, two sniffling, ache-y bloggers, right on the verge of flipping out on each other because we’ve both HAD IT with being sick.

In other words, sorry for the delay in posting. Our asses are dragging today.

Let’s take it all out on Miss Emma, mkay?

Emma Stone attends the premiere of ‘Gangster Squad’ in Los Angeles in a Lanvin dress paired with a Lanvin clutch and jewelry and heels by Christian Louboutin.

Lanvin Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Lanvin Fall 2012 Collection Necklace

Lanvin Spring 2012 Collection Clutch

It’s a great little dress and she can work a red like gangbusters, which must be why she’s head-to toe in it. We have quibbles, however. It was a cute idea to move the brooch down to the belt, but we don’t think she should have deployed both the brooch and the gigantic, attention-seeking necklace. They’re fighting with each other. We’ve resigned ourselves to the matchy trend, but it sure would have been nice if we could have found the slightest hint of some other color in this ensemble. There is such a thing as too much red and when the reds are all slightly off from each other, T Lo’s eyelids begin to twitch. There seems to be a slight purple cast to the brooch but that’s not providing enough contrast. Also: we’re in disagreement on this one but Tom thinks the necklace is too large of a scale for such a small dress. Lorenze disagrees vehemently on that one.

We’re both in agreement that … how to say this? She’s 24 years old. She sure as hell doesn’t look it from the neck up. A fresher face and a more kicky hairstyle would go a long way in bringing her back to the “ingenue” setting.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans, Emiley Schweich/PR Photos, style.com]

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