Emma Roberts and Evan Peters in NYC

Posted on January 09, 2013

These two are a couple?

We suppose, given our jobs, that we should be more up on celebrity gossip, but we’d rather pull our teeth out with pliers than devote too much of our brainspace to it. Not that sitting around discussing celebrity clothing is some sort of grand higher calling, but who’s dating who and who just got arrested and which celebrity is threatening to shoot another one are topics that leave us flat after about 30 seconds. We stick firmly to the idea that celebrities aren’t royalty; they’re modern court jesters.

Emma Roberts and boyfriend Evan Peters made a stop at the MOMA in New York City.

You just know he said something snotty about the photographer, sending her off into gales of laughter. It’s cute. We might actually believe they’re in love.

Anyway, clothes: Obviously, the big story here is his teddy bear sweatshirt, which is possibly just a little too preciously ironic, but still kind of funny. Love his scarf and what little we can see of the striped hoodie he’s wearing, but that jacket (which is the best piece he’s wearing) is somewhat ridiculously small on him.

She looks really cute. Love the suede booties, striped sweater and bright pink scarf. The purse is killer.


[Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales, PacificCoastNews.com]

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