Uma Thurman and Her Ladypants

Posted on December 19, 2012

Oh, Uma. You did so well with them last time, but we can’t sign off on this latest foray into the land of ladypants.


Uma Thurman attends the 10th Annual Tibet House Charity Auction in New York City.

It’s a shame, because this looks like it could be a pretty nice suit. Or at least, it would be if it was remotely correctly fitted. The pants are a bit too tight across the hips and then there’s this veritable explosion of extra fabric down past the knees. The jacket needs to be taken in a little at her waist in order to give her some shape. And she needs to ditch the grey cami for something with a bit of color to it and burn those shoes as an offering of penance to the shoe gods for offending them.

Is this why ladystars avoid the ladypants on the red carpet? It’s puzzling. We look around every day and see so-called “average” women who have figured out how to select a pair of pants for themselves, but for some reason, this particular item of clothing is a mystery to celebuladies.


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