Sarah Jessica Parker in Vintage

Posted on December 10, 2012

Truth be told, we’ve been staring at these pictures for days, wanting to say something about them, but unsure of exactly what.


Sarah Jessica Parker attends HBO’s In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye screening in New York City in a vintage dress accessorized with Jean-Michel Cazabat pumps, Fred Leighton jewelry and a Fendi bag.

We’ll say this first: It’s a pretty dress that looks really great on her. It’s simple, but it’s shaped nicely and has just enough visual interest going on to keep it from being boring. It seems like it’s pulling a little on her, as if it didn’t fit her, but that forces the question of who the infinitesimally tiny woman was who used to own this thing that her dress would be tight on Sarah Jessica Parker.

But the real topic of discussion here is  – come on, you must have guessed it by now – the accessories. We find ourselves wanting to like them and wanting to applaud her bold use of color and avoidance of matchiness, but let’s face it: they clash pretty terribly, don’t they? Not to mention she paired purple and pink snakeskin pumps (!) with an autumnal floral. That’s too much for one outfit to bear. Add Stevie Nicks’ old handbag to the equation and you’ve got something a bit strange going on.

Hair and makeup are really pretty, though.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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