PR All Stars: Ready-to-Bleh

Posted on December 28, 2012

Darlings, we apologize for the lack of a T LOunge last night. We were in a butter cookie coma and completely forgot about it, which should tell you something about how memorable we’re finding this season of Project Runway.

Onward, though.


Not at all a bad challenge. Sure, PR’s done their share of “make a ready-to-wear piece for our guest designer’s line” challenges, but what set this one slightly apart …

Was the use of price consultants to help each designer tweak their plans. This is how the real world of fashion works and as PR gets further and further away from its rather tenuous original connection to the fashion world, we find ourselves longing for more of these types of challenges just to ground it a little.


It helps that he was an utter doll.

We canNOT with Carolyn Murphy and her slow-speaking anymore. Honey, you’re not hosting a children’s show. Step it up.



Anthony Ryan


Once again, unto the broken-record breach, it’s a perfectly fine dress that didn’t deserve the embarrassing gushing thrown its way by the judges. Their collective hardon for this guy is getting downright silly. They did the same thing with Mondo when he was doing All-Stars, but at least Mondo has a somewhat strong aesthetic and point of view; something to get worked up about. Anthony Ryan makes perfectly sellable dresses.

Which apparently have to be drastically altered in order to sell them:

But that’s just the way it goes, we suppose.



And to continue our tour of Broken Record Land, we think Uli should’ve won it again this week. This was perhaps a bit on the prim side, but it was the most high-fashion of the looks on display; the one that actually looked like it was worth several hundred bucks.

Any of the rest of them could’ve gone home and we’d have been fine with it.



Very standard department store dress. And we forgot about his unusual take on color. To our eyes, he should have reversed them and used that saturated yellow as the trim.



Awful. Tacky and awkwardly shaped. But apparently, they’re still waiting for Josh to bring some major drama, so he gets to stay.



But it was Ivy’s turn to go, and even though we think there were designs just as bad or worse than hers, we can’t get too worked up over it. She’s been on the bottom for far too long and the judges have to start culling the herd for the finals. This is 2/3 of a very pretty dress, but that hem length, combined with the slits and the heavy black at the bottom, combine to make for an awkward dress.



[Photo Credit: David Russell for Lifetime, – Stills:]

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