PR All Stars: Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons

Posted on December 14, 2012

“Hello, Designers! We are standing here for no good reason! Really! This setting has nothing whatsoever to do with the challenge you are about to undertake! By the way, can you even hear me right now?”



“Did she say something?”

“The sun is in my eyes.”

“Hey, is that Carolyn Murphy standing over there?”


“This dude makes watches! Also nothing whatsoever to do with your upcoming challenge! HAHAHAHAHA! MY PONYTAIL IS AWESOME.”


Is it us, or did Santa look … kinda Jewish? Like a slightly grayer Mandy Patinkin in Homeland. Sandy Clautinkin.


But enough tom(andlorenzo)foolery. This was actually a fun challenge. Unconventional materials challenges generally are, but a Christmas-store-themed one allowed the designers to produce some fairly glam-looking getups while still making it kinda tough on them.



So congratulations, Uli! While we think you did an admirable job, we thought this dress was more than a little overpraised.  It’s interesting, sure; but it’s so heavy-looking, over-embellished and armor-like. Normally, those elements are considered bad in a challenge like this.


Ditto with this dress, with the extra added bonus that it looks way too much like some sort of Christmas Spectacular costume, when they were all specifically told not to make a garment that looked Christmas-y.



This, to us, was clearly head and shoulders above any other design on the runway. We take the judges’ points about the placement of the embellishments and how they could have been done differently, but this actually looked like a high-end fashion garment rather than a costume or a muslin dress with a lot of shit glued on it. This was one of only two pieces last night that really looked like it should walk a runway.

Wait till you hear what we think the other one was.



This is really, really bad. We’re a bit surprised that he was judged to be safe because this was, to our eyes, easily one of the worst things on the runway. It looks cheap and it looks like exactly what it is: a garment made out of Christmas ribbons.



Believe it or not, we think that top is pretty damn amazing and worthy of quite a bit of praise. We think with this challenge we finally “got” Josh. Sure, we groaned at the sight of those shorts, which are truly awful, but when the camera lingered on that top, Tom said to Lorenzo, “Y’know, to be fair, if we saw that walk down a runway during a Blonds show, we’d be ecstatic.” Granted, The Blonds don’t really do high fashion either. Their stuff tends more toward stagewear, but we think that may be where Josh’s talents lie. He should stop trying to pass himself off as a standard womenswear designer and really embrace his tacky, disco ball aesthetic.

But yes; the shorts were horrible. We don’t think he should have been considered for a Top Three position, but that top is so strong that we think Emilio should’ve traded places with him in the scoring.



We don’t know how she managed it, but Ivy made a glittery, gold dress with fringe that somehow looks depressing. It’s not bad (although it does look cheap), but it feels like she gave up halfway through the process. We think she may be so focused on rehabbing her image this season that she’s tamping down some of her natural talents as a designer. She really needs a WOW moment right about now. Dig deep, girl.



And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Casanova. Can’t say we disagree with that choice. When a designer in this competition keeps scrapping his ideas and starting over, it’s a pretty clear indication that they’re drowning. There’s so much going on with this dress that you can practically feel his desperation. We’ll say this, though: it’s not nearly as bad as we thought it was going to be. He almost turned it around. If he’d edited this look a bit – and if it was all executed well, which it’s not – then he might’ve at least skated by.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime – Stills:]

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