PR All Stars: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Posted on December 07, 2012

What a total snooze of an episode. A “make a pretty dress” challenge that they tried to – pun unintended- dress up with a totally unrelated visit to the High Line and the imposition of a “green” restriction, which really only meant that the designers were all forced to use the ugly fabrics product-placed into the show.

Bleh. We were fighting sleep the whole time.


The designers are all friendly when they’re facing each other, which means no drama in the workroom, but MAN, they are the BITCHIEST when it comes time for their confessionals. Everyone trashed everyone else’s garment behind their backs.



So congratulations Laura “Privileged” Kathleen! The judges found your garment to be the least ugly out of all the ugly or half-assed garments produced this week! Which is a joke, because the proportions on this thing are totally out of wack and the fabric is downright hideous. The clock is ticking, Carolyn Murphy. We want to see you on a red carpet wearing this like you promised. And no; putting a red carpet swatch down in your back yard and taking 5 quick steps up and down it while no one is looking doesn’t count. We want to see this on you, in front of a step-and-repeat and 30 photographers trying to suppress their laughter.



The judges also inexplicably praised THIS hot mess coming from Uli. Girl, we love you, but this was ass from top to bottom.



But no one got more undeserved praise than soon-to-be-crowned winner Anthony Ryan. There have always been teacher’s pets on PR but we don’t think anyone has ever been so over-praised. Which isn’t to say he’s a bad designer. He’s actually a decent one and we don’t argue with the idea that he could make it to the finals. It’s just that when he stumbles, like any designer would during a competition like this, the judges embarrass themselves by singing hosannas. This dress was a big ol’ unflattering nothing and they all acted like it was genius-level design.

Nina would’ve had his head for using blue and black yet again.



The biggest problem with this challenge was the fabric line forced on the designers. This is not expensive-looking fabric, which means even when they make a decent dress, it looks too casual and downscale for the RC. We kinda liked this dress, but it’s too thick around her waist and there’s too much detail there. But the fabrics would’ve been great for some sort of beach wrap or sun dress.



This would have been a beautiful gown rendered in a better fabric.



This is the only dress on the runway that actually looked like it belonged on a red carpet. It’s too basic a design for a win, and there were several execution problems, but we think the judges were being a bit hard on it.



Horrible. She should’ve been sent home for this.



But it was Althea’s turn to be checked off the list, regardless of what she made. We don’t love this dress, but it’s at least interesting and not aggressively ugly like some of the others.

Feh. A waste of an hour.


[Photo Credit: Lifetime – Stills:]

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