PR All Stars: 23 Skidoo!

Posted on December 21, 2012

Goofy intro and staging – How about those banquet hall cafe tables at the end? – but at least it turned out to be a relatively fun challenge.


These types of challenges are always a bit hard on the designers because they have to be pre-loaded with a knowledge of the period being referenced (many of them aren’t; especially the younger ones) and they have to figure out ahead of time which side of the “costume vs. interpretation” side of the criteria the judges are going to come down on this time (because it changes on a whim).


And then of course there’s the sticky challenge of getting some production assistant who knows how to spell “soirée.”

A “social soriee” sounds like something you clear up with a cream or ointment.



So congratulations, Anthony Ryan, for yet another wildly over-praised design!

We know we sound like broken records by now. We don’t hate the guy or think he’s untalented. We just don’t think the judges are being particularly astute in their effusive praise of his every stitch. We found this to be shapeless and almost comically proportioned with the addition of the feather capelet.



Uli’s had its own set of proportion issues, with her cowl neck shrug thingie. It’s funny how the top two designers interpreted ’20s design via accentuated shoulders and volume above the bust. That’s exactly the opposite of ’20s design. Way too many “fringe & beads” shorthand efforts with this one.

Still, we think she did a very good job of offering an updated Chanel look with just enough elements of the ’20s involved to keep it on target. We would’ve given it the win, even if it wasn’t perfect. After all, none of the efforts were.



Two things:

  1. That fabric is hideous. Here is the stained desk chair in every motel room.
  2. This is pretty, but he definitely tipped too far into costuming.

He’s right when he says this is a late ’20s silhouette but the judges were right to point out it’s most associated with the ’30s.


It looked unbelievably cheap – like, Dress Barn clearance rack cheap – and his accessorizing was so hilariously bad that it took a weak look and made it downright tacky. All of Josh’s worst instincts on display.




This was a pretty poor effort from Ivy. The classic mistake of letting the fabric do all the work. Sure, it’s a beautiful, ’20’s-inspired textile, but we need a little more by way of design than just “center seam.” Shapeless and terribly underwhelming. We really thought she was a goner with this one.



But instead it was Schmauf Wiedersehen to Laura “Privileged” Kathleen, who completely lost the plot on the whole ’20s things by serving up pure Studio 54. The top is quite pretty but the pants are tacky-looking and completely wrong for the challenge.


[Photo Credit: David Russell for Lifetime – Stills:]

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