Pairs Division: McGregor and Watts

Posted on December 13, 2012

Pretty people in expensive clothing, darlings! Do we actually need a reason to judge them? Of course we don’t.


Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts  attend ‘The Impossible’ special screening  in New York City. Ewan McGregor wore a a blue lightweight cotton poplin shirt and black and gray brogue shoes from the Marni Fall 2012 collection. Naomi Watts wore a Calvin Klein dress paired with Calvin Klein sandals, Monique Pean earrings, a Dezso bracelet, and a Jennifer Fisher necklace.

Calvin Klein Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Dajana Antic

HE: Is so adorable and wearing such fabulous pieces that it pains us to have to criticize. But we, of course, will do so. The crits are minor, though: The jacket is ever-so-slightly pulling across his chest and the pants are too long. Actually, the pants are probably hemmed properly, but he’s wearing a big, clunky pair of thick-soled shoes. Which we LOVE, by the way. We’re not sure they’re right for this suit, but they’re a gorgeous pair of shoes. Score: 7.5/10. Those shoes with a pair of jeans would have been perfect.

SHE: Is confusing us. Aside from the fact that she’s not wearing a belt, we have no idea why this dress looks so different from the way it looks on the runway. We can only presume that it’s Not Her Dress. We’re starting to think (after this, and that Rita Ora fiasco) that Calvin Klein dresses simply can’t be interpreted. They’re so precise and minimal that you pretty much have to wear them the way the designer presented them. We also think a lot of his dresses, like this one, for sure, do not last long in the real world. Look how wrinkled and disheveled she looks when you can bet all she did was put it on and get in and out of a limo. Score: 5/10. Sorry, girl. It was a bad choice.

Combined Score: 6.25/10, which is actually a bit higher than we thought we were going to go.


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