Jude Law in Lanvin

Posted on December 12, 2012

Ah, the dreaded discussion we call “getting older vs. getting away with it.” When we started writing about style, we knew that there were many dangers involved in being men who mansplain to women about what kind of clothes most women can and cannot get away with past a certain age, and tried (some might say unsuccessfully) to be respectful and to learn from the women in our readership.

What we were NOT prepared for (and truth be told, we still find a bit amusing) was just how pissed off the MEN got when we threw the same arguments at them. In other words, brace yourselves, boys; you’re about to get indignant on our asses.

Jude Law attends the Moët British Independent Film Awards 2012 in Lanvin.

Lanvin Spring 2012 Collection

This is, we’re sorry to say (not really), something that Mr. Jude simply can’t get away with anymore. Suck it up, Jude. You’re still good-looking; still a movie star; still have more money than most of the rest of the world.

That fetal model? Adorable! Like a little toy soldier in a strangely mismatched outfit! But he’s… what? Nineteen, maybe? You can get away with all kinds of crazy mismatched goofy shit at nineteen. Jude is mere weeks away from the big 4-0 and as such, this getup, even though it’s way toned down from the runway version, just doesn’t work as well as it could or should on him.

Which isn’t to say he’s relegated to pleated pants and cardigans from now until his adult diaper days. Heavens, no. We still love a risk-taker and we think this look can be corrected to fit him better (both figuratively and literally). Our advice would be too wear that top open, as a jacket, with a relatively conventional dress shirt and possibly a tie underneath it. Or even a T-shirt. The bottom half could be anything from a conventional pair of dress pants to an expensive-looking pair of jeans. Or maybe black skinny pants with a pair of lace-up black boots. The alternative doesn’t have to be conventional, but the skinny, drop-crotched wool pants are not doing you any favors, Jude, so out they go.

Our point is this: as one gets older, one must succumb to the fact that, stylistically speaking, one has to make some smart choices if one wants to be a tad unconventional. Wear the military-inspired jacket, by all means. But learn how to style it for yourself and whatever your body looks like now, rather than what you and it looked like 15 to 20 years before. Because if you don’t? You actually wind up looking older and dorkier than you are. Look at Ewan McGregor. He can rock a conventional suit, but he can also get away with things like combat boots paired with a tuxedo. He’s smart about his image and his limitations. Jude just needs to make some slight adjustments to his personal style to remain in good stead.

Alright, boys. Let’s hear your spittle-flecked rage.


[Photo Credit: Landmark/PR Photos, style.com]

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