Happy New Year, Kittens!

Posted on December 31, 2012

Darlings, Clay Lorenzo and Clay Tom…

…would like to wish you all a FABULOUS New Year.

This video was made by Laura Bennett and her kids several years back when a holiday trip to their country home threatened to send Laura into a tailspin of mommy madness. You try spending a week in a glorified cabin with 5 boys under 14 and see how you do. Anyway, Laura, being the mommy that she is, broke out the clay and the video camera and put her little Harryhausens to work producing the preceding magnum opus while she drank wine and nodded her sleepy approval in the background.

Tom has more belly and Lorenzo has less hair than these little clay dolls would lead you to believe, but we think they’re adorable and they both sit proudly in our living room, treated like fragile ancient relics; cats and  visitors routinely shoo’d away from their proximity.

And in a bit of holiday synchronicity, that’s where we’re heading right this second: out the door to go spend NYE with Laura & Brood at her country house. A perfect end to a perfect year for us.

Have a fabulous one, kittens!


[Still: tomandlorenzo.com – Video Credit: tomandlorenzo.com via YouTube]

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