Girl, That’s Not Your Dress: Rita Ora in Calvin Klein

Posted on December 12, 2012

Good Lord, this may be one the worst-styled looks we’ve seen in quite some time:


Rita Ora attends the second day of Capital FM’s Jingle Ball in London in Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein Resort 2013 Collection/Model: Ella

Before we get to all the other bad choices, let’s start with the dress and why it’s not hers. It’s very simple: color. That yellow is absolutely terrible for her skin tone. Talk about sallow. We want to feel her forehead to see if she’s got a fever. It’s a great dress otherwise, but she needs this in a red or a blue in order for it to work on her.

Having said that… Jesus, Mary and OPRAH, girl. Who styled this outfit for you? We have to believe you took matters into your own hands because we find it near-impossible to believe that someone got paid to put you in those ridiculously ugly boots, load you up with a whole mess of mismatched, cheap-looking jewelry, and then stand back, cock their head and say, “You know what this look needs? EXTRA HEAVY MAKEUP AND GREASY HAIR!” The Calvin Klein aesthetic is all about simplicity and clean lines. No one who knows anything about styling would think to pair a CK dress with heavy makeup, fucked-up shoes and gaudy jewelry.

Girl, if you paid someone to put this together, you need to set them on fire. If you did this to yourself, let this be a lesson to you. Now go home and scrub all that stuff off your face, young lady.


[Photo Credit: Optic Photos/,]

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