RPDR All Stars: In Your Satin Tights!

Posted on November 21, 2012

Of COURSE we didn’t forget, darlings! Think of it as our little pre-Thanksgiving gift to you.

Complete with meat.

Good GOD, those ladies look ROUGH.

This was cute enough, we suppose. We find ourselves missing the occasional photo shoot. These challenges are designed to put the queens in uncomfortable or awkward situations and then see how they handle it and whether they can be funny in the moment. That’s fine, but it seems to us at this point that the queens are a little too aware of that fact.


DEEPLY disappointed. She is hilarious and yet it seems like anything she said got cut out of the conversation.

A classic. A monument to camp. The Mount Rushmore of camp. Never change, girl.

The challenge was cute and allowed the girls to splash around in both the “camp” and “glamour” pools, leaving them to their own devices to be as creative as they wanted to.

Her secret identity was standard Chad in a lot of ways. Her superhero look was colorful and weird, but you kind of had to be told that she was a superhero at all. Sure, she’s got boots and a cape, but so do a lot of other drag queens. Still, not bad.

You can just take everything we said about Chad and insert Shannel’s name. The secret identity was pure Shannel and you kind of needed to be told her supervillain look was a supervillain instead of just a fetish hooker. Points for being the only one to actually wear a mask.

Secret identity: standard Jujubee. In retrospect, we’re seriously disappointed no one tried to work a drag Diana Prince look. Come on, ladies. Her hero identity looked good but seemed half-assed to us. It needed a cape, a mask, a belt, boots, or some sort of insignia to really sell it. Any one of those would have been an improvement. She just looks like a standard sci-fi character. These queens are clearly not nerdy enough to understand superheroes.

Secret identity: Once again, a standard Raven look. Have these bitches never heard of Barbara Gordon? Jaime Sommers? Tsk.

On the other hand, her supervillain look was pretty amazing. All the props to her for going the unexpected route. This looked more like something Sharon Needles would’ve come up with – and THAT, bitches, is a compliment. Raven’s so in love with her own face that we found ourselves impressed that she would cover it up like that.

Chad and Shannel won, which seems kind of random to us. We suppose the fact that they utilized a cape, boots and a mask were enough to give them a win.

Soon to be a collector’s item, no doubt.

And so the Rujubee team was set against each other, in the campiest, funniest lip synch we’ve ever seen.

Come on, you can’t believe all that weepy, All My Children-style emoting was REAL, did you? You would’ve thought a Nazi told them to choose which one of their children would be allowed to live. Girlfriends were playing it to the hilt, which is just the kind of thing Ru likes to see. It was HILARIOUS.

And of course, the ending was exactly what everyone expected. No complaints here. A Chad & Shannel-heavy finale would’ve been kind of boring. Rujubee are clearly the stronger queens (to our eyes, anyway), so it only made sense to keep them in the game. Ru’s little last-minute shakeups are getting pretty predictable, but we can’t seem to work up any outrage over it. This is as it should be.


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