RPDR All Stars: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

Posted on November 06, 2012

In the past, if we didn’t have a Drag Race recap up by 12 noon the following day, our inbox and twitter would be full of kittens demanding to know when we were going to get if done already. This season? Nary a peep, even if we don’t get it up until late in the afternoon. What does that tell you?


It tells us that, so far, this season kind of sucks. You’ve got a great set of queens here, and the show doesn’t seem to know what to do with them.

Case in point:

Uh… yeah.

Seriously? “Dress up like guys” was a challenge? For a DRAG QUEEN competition?

At least we still have the Pit Crew to warm the cockles of our pants.


We’re not sure what’s worse: that the show isn’t particularly fun or entertaining this season, or that it doesn’t give us much to work with for recaps.


Granted, the “Candid Camera” stuff wasn’t a terrible idea, but there’s nothing here for the home viewer (or bitchy blogger) to assess. We have no way of knowing who did the best in this challenge. It was so edited that it was almost impossible to figure out. Seriously, could you have been able to tell, from looking at this sequence, that Team Shad was the winner? You kind of just have to accept it.



Look we loves us some Ru – and we’re not so naive as to not see what’s going on this season (and last): it’s twitterbait. That is to say, the show is designed to get people on the internet to scream “WHAT THE FUCK, RU?” In other words, it’s not a competition at all. Which is fine, especially since Ru is pretty open about that. It all comes down to what Ru wants and that’s her prerogative. But so far, it hasn’t made for a very entertaining season. To be honest, we think Drag Race is merely meant to serve as a prelude to Untucked, which is where all the real drama happens and which does a better job at showcasing the world of drag culture than the actual “competition” does.


Sweet, but kind of out of her depth.


Batshit crazy – but we all knew that already. We thought she was going to punch Michelle Visage.


But Michelle is clearly not a gal to be fucked with; not in that getup.

Hit it, hos:

Jujubee looked cute and Raven looked a little creepy. We’re not sure what these looks had to do with the “Bad Girl” theme. It seems like all the queens interpreted “bad girl” as “wearing black.”


God bless these two. No matter what they do, they look like aging showgirls.


We think they both look a little nuts, but we’ll give them credit for at least keeping it interesting. But we’re calling it now: a Puerto Rican queen is going to win the competition. All signs are pointing in that direction.


What a shame for Manila. This was a pretty spectacular look and felt, more than any of the others, like a true Bad Girl. We love Latrice, but if you’re going to do Divine for a Bad Girl challenge, then you need to do the dogshit-and-meatball-sandwich-eating Divine and not the glamour version.


So congrats to our aging showgirls for somehow winning this week. Shrug.


Leaving us with an Asian Queen showdown for the lip synch.


A showdown that seemed curiously underwhelming. We honestly thought that Manila vs. Jujubee was going to be downright EPIC, but it just sort of fizzled out. Jujubee did a lot of posing and Manila went for the comedy take, but somehow failed to be funny.

It’s bullshit that people like Latrice, Manila, and Pandora are among the first to go. Something’s really wrong with the format (or Ru’s priorities) when queens like Alexis and Shannel are rising to the top. We hate to sound like we’re taking this all seriously, since it’s not meant to be, but it IS supposed to be fun and we haven’t really had one laugh-out-loud or ELEGANZA moment yet.

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