PR All Stars: Schmocial Schmedia!

Posted on November 16, 2012

All things considered, this wasn’t a terrible episode. There was some slightly entertaining interpersonal drama, mostly coming from the privileged direction of privileged girl Laura “Privileged” Kathleen, who just doesn’t privileged-understand why all those non-privileged people don’t seem to like privileged her.


But whatever. It was mild playing to the cameras and we didn’t mind it. No one in this cast is ignorant of how they appear to the viewers and all of them are presenting a certain image, either to gain them more camera time (Laura Kathleen, Anthony Ryan, Kayne, Uli, Casanova) or to rehabilitate a damaged reputation (Ivy, Josh, and to a certain extent, Emilio). Fine. That’s their right. We’ve always said that 42 minutes of quiet sewing would make for a painfully boring show anyway. And it occurred to us watching the runway show that, while you could argue whether many of these people should be considered “All-Stars,” at least the final clothes are mostly worthy of discussion.


Not that we’re getting soft in our old age. This was still the dumbest challenge we’ve seen in a while. Pick a random picture! Make a dress! Social media! They said that last phrase so often that it ultimately had no meaning. It was just a catchphrase they slung around in order to justify another “make a pretty dress” challenge.



So congrats, to Anthony Ryan! If you’re not the final winner, we’ll eat our hats, so clear is it that the judges – and producers – want to give the win to a cancer survivor. Talk about over-praised. This is fine, but that’s all it is. He’s got great execution skills and a decent sense of style, but very little of his work has warranted the kind of effusive praise the judges keep handing out. At least Georgina had the good sense to point out that this looks too expected coming from him. It’s a good-looking dress, but it was ridiculously tight on the poor girl. She couldn’t even turn around to show the back without hobbling.



We’ll give him credit for trying to up his game and do Fashion-with-a-capital-F instead of producing department store clothes, like his first time around. Can’t say we loved this as much as the judges did, though. We got what he was trying to do, but didn’t seem to us to go as far as it needed to go.

Also, she looks like a hard-boiled egg.



We thought the print was drab and depressing, but we’ll give her credit: the skirt moved beautifully. No great shakes from a design perspective.



Of course you picked this picture, Kaynebow. Sparkle!

But we have no idea how you wound up with this look. It’s fine. A dress seen a million times, but fine.



That skirt was gorgeous and unusual. The top felt like an afterthought; nowhere near as thought-out.



We hate to say this (no we don’t), but Heidi, Nina and Michael would have raked him over the coals for essentially recreating the outfit in the picture and making only slight variations. It’s not an awful look, but we’re not seeing any sense of inspiration.



Pretty, but boring. Step it up, Fräulein.



Again: credit for attempting capital-F Fashion, but she really needed to step away from her work and assess it as objectively as possible. Those pants were just plain bad. The jacket, we liked. And the colors were nice.



Georgina was exactly on point (as usual) when she noted that the picture had a fluid feeling to it and his clothes reflected the exact opposite. We don’t mind the use of the bright colors, but the top looks craft-y and home sewn and the skirt doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with it.



And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to the precious little lamb once again. We didn’t think this was nearly as bad as Josh’s, but Andrae has always suffered from the same problem on this show: he wildly overthinks his designs and then fails to explain them well on the runway. It doesn’t help when he starts using words like “forlorn” and “bedraggled,” in a faux English accent, while making big-eyes and waving his hands around like he has no bones in his wrists. We think he’s charming, but he gets too weird and it makes it hard to listen to what he’s saying when he badly attempts to explain himself.

Anyway, this wasn’t any great shakes, but we didn’t think it was awful.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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