PR All Stars: Boys on the Side

Posted on November 30, 2012


Y’know? This was a pretty good challenge, as so-called “avant garde” challenges go. Androgyny can be tough for some designers – especially the ones in this lot, who probably figured they could make it through the competition churning out pretty dresses until the end – but the show added a twist that was actually worthy of being called a twist: they needed to make androgynous clothes for both genders. That’s an actual, honest-to-god design challenge, something PR has had a problem putting together in recent seasons.

As for whatever interpersonal drama sprung up, we have nothing to say. Too much obvious playing to the cameras for us to give a moment of our time to discussing. It is to yawn.



 So congrats to Emilio! When this walked out we both exclaimed that it didn’t matter what else walked out, these looks were obviously the clear winners. It’s rare on Project Runway to see a designer hit the mark on a challenge so exactly, but he really nailed this one. You really have to look to determine which of them is a woman and which is a man. If that’s not androgyny, then what is?  They’re not only androgynous looks, they’re sexy-as-hell looks to boot, and that’s not easy to do. Granted, we don’t think he quite managed “avant garde.”

Don’t get us started on Isaac and his ridiculous points. “He relied too much on the hats.” PLEASE, BITCH. What does that even mean? And were you as embarrassed as we were when you squealed “Anthony Ryan, WHAT MAKES YOU SO WONDERFUL?!?!?!”



 We’ll give Uli a lot of credit for pushing herself way outside her comfort zone, and these are both fairly interesting in their own right, but we didn’t love it as much as the judges did. We think both looks owed way too much to known designers who specializes in unisex clothing, like Rad Hourani. You could make that criticism about a whole lot of Project Runway output, but it becomes more of a problem when you’re supposed to be shooting for avant garde.



 Outside of the usual teacher’s pet reasons, we have no idea why the judges were so in love with this. It’s just okay. There’s nothing about her look that could be called androgynous and the only slightly androgynous thing about his look is the sheer top. Pretty weak sauce.



 Ugly. It says something about the limits of her range that, to her, androgyny means “women in pants.”



 Ivy’s been doing a pretty good job all season, but this is easily the worst thing she’s ever done. Sheer fabrics do not automatically turn standard menswear into something avant garde and androgynous.




These were surprisingly good efforts coming from Althea, who tends toward sexy, body-con, womenswear. She didn’t push the envelope as far as it needed to go, but this is pretty far, for her.



Oh please.

Girl, what the fuck.



Interesting pieces, but – and we’re well past sounding like a broken record now – not at all androgynous or avant garde. It’s just slightly edgy club wear.



 And it’s Schmauf Wiedersehen to Kaynebow, for the second time. Somewhat hilariously, he went against the grain and, instead of taking the limited view that androgyny = funky menswear, he decided that androgyny = putting a man in womenswear. The pieces are beautifully rendered but there’s not one thing about them that could be called avant garde or androgynous. You could find very similar pieces hanging in the ladies departments of a thousand different department stores.


[Photo Credit: David Russell – Stills:]

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