PR All Stars: Aerosol Art! *snort*

Posted on November 09, 2012

This wasn’t a bad episode at all. Granted, that says something about the season that we started off our recap with that sentence, but still. It had some energy and life to it, which is more than we can say about prior All-Star episodes.


It helped that this was the first real, original challenge the PR franchise has come up with in quite some time.


It also helped that the designers are starting to unsheath their claws. Ivy seems determined to not Hulk out on everyone else (although her struggles to that effect seem to be getting more difficult). Laura Kathleen has no such fear and has been unleashing her not-so-inner bitch left and right. Kayne, little shit-stirrer that he is, seems gleeful at all the whispering and smack-talking going on. Never change, attention whores. Never change.



So congrats to Emilio! This, to us, was the clear winner. The paint job looked vibrant and eye-catching (instead of plain old ugly, like most of the rest of them). This has a great shape to it, although we were in agreement with the judges that the belt felt like an afterthought.



We were half-convinced that this was going to win it. We’re glad it didn’t because Emilio’s was clearly superior, to our eyes. Still, it’s not at all bad.


Ivy’s going to have to lay off the jackets going forward, because the judges are already bored. At least they recognize that she’s good at them. This was a fine look that could have been greatly improved by removing that sheer and making the skirt slightly more traditional.



Oh, Kaynebow. God blessya. Kayne’s problem in this competition remains the same as it was in season 3: he’s so insanely fast at whipping these looks together that he has too much time on his hands to embellish them. That flounce was a terrible idea. The rest of the dress isn’t bad, but that neckline is a bit much.



Hideous. The colors were muddy, the fringe hanging off the back was insanely tacky, and the hem was awkward.



This wasn’t bad, but the look is damaged by that cractastic styling and putting all that … stuff right at her waist is pretty unflattering. The paint job on the skirt is quite pretty. He should’ve kept the design simple.



We don’t know what the hell she was thinking with those shoulders. Remove them and you have a fairly standard dress, but at least it would look better.



This surprised us. It’s actually quite good. Hate the neckline and the hemline, though.



This is pretty good too, although we hate the neckline here too.



It’s typically Josh in a lot of ways. The dress isn’t bad and neither are the prints, but he shouldn’t have used so many colors. It’s all a bit much.



Y’know, we weren’t sure watching it last night that Suede’s was the worst of the bunch, but looking at it in the light of day, it’s pretty awful. Schmauf Wiedersehen, Suede. Take a shower and get some sleep. You clearly need both.



[Photo Credit: David Russell for Lifetime – Stills:]

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