Nicki Minaj at Macy’s

Posted on November 26, 2012

Good morning, Precious Unborn Fawns! Did you miss us? We missed you. We found ourselves randomly assessing strangers’ outfits throughout the holiday and that’s something – we swear – we NEVER do. Our opinions got all backed up over the long weekend, so y’all better stand back, because we’re gonna spend the day unleashing a torrent of them. Sort of an opinion enema, if you will.

And with THAT little image in your heads, let’s all look at some cray.

Nicki Minaj attends launch of her fragrance “Pink Friday” at Macy’s Queens Center Mall in New York City.

Nicki Minaj IS Hillary Clinton on acid!

Y’know, we kind of love this for being very toned-down Nicki, and yet she still manages to be a little nuts at the same time. Normally, we’d rag on a gal for matching her hair to her shoes and her lips to her suit, but Miss Nicki is operating on a different plane and besides, dressing to shill your fragrance is kind of sui generis. The normal public appearance dressing rules don’t apply. And what else are you gonna wear when your fragrance is called Pink Friday? Having said that, it’s not tailored very well. Those pants look huge on her and the jacket looks too small – and makes her head look gigantic. Then again, the 40-pound wig is probably doing most of the work in that regard.


[Photo Credit: Kent Miller / PR Photos]

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