Lea Michele and Chris Colfer on Location

Posted on November 20, 2012

Lorenzo is currently shrieking like a tween girl at a One Direction concert and Christmas is once again ruined in the T Lo household.

But first, pictures:

Lea Michele and Chris Colfer film for their show ‘Glee’ near the NY Public Library and Bryant Park in New York City.

Brooks Brothers Merino Wool Reversible Colorblock Scarf

Zara Coat with Faux Leather Collar

Brooks Brothers Cotton Trench Coat

Zara Coat with Buckles

Tony Perotti ‘Lorenzo’ Messenger Bag


Lea looks really cute, love the coats, love the boots, yaddayaddayadda.

Now. Why is Lorenzo shrieking? You might think it’s because of that gorgeous, and appropriately named “Lorenzo” bag he’s sporting, but no. Lorenzo is shrieking “OHMIGOD THAT COAT I HAVE TO HAVE THAT COAT!” To which Tom sighed and said, “Fine. Go ahead and get it today if you must.” You see, every Christmas in our household for the last 15 years consists of Tom opening up his gifts and Lorenzo opening up nothing, because he went out and bought a whole bunch of things for himself that Tom would have bought for him if Lorenzo hadn’t been so damn impatient. It’s a battle Tom conceded almost a decade ago. It makes Lo happy, so who is he to argue?

And let’s be perfectly clear here: Lorenzo is on the phone with Zara right this second ordering that coat. No exaggeration. He just hung up and squealed “THEY HAVE IT IN MEDIUM!!!!!!!!”

This is life in our house.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews.com, zara.com, brookbrothers.com,  tonyperottiusa.com]

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