Kristen Stewart in A.L.C. and Juicy Couture

Posted on November 30, 2012

We have to admit, we laughed our asses off at this:

Kristen Stewart attends The Variety Studio: Awards Edition in Los Angeles, California.

A.L.C. Jesse V Neck Tee. Juicy Couture Eton Pants. Cartier Juste Un Clou Nail Bracelet. Cole Haan Breslyn Monkstrap Shoes.

Girlfriend simply has not one fuck to give.

Granted, the cost of this ensemble is well north of 500 bucks, believe it or not, but she clearly has had her fill of tight dresses, 6-inch heels, push-up bras, and the requisite ten pounds of makeup for the moment. But as much as we want to applaud her giving of the finger, we still have standards and girl, you’re on a red carpet, getting your picture taken, whether you like that or not. Everything happening from the waist down is cute, appropriate, and suits her well, but everything north of that is hugely problematic. We don’t care how much that tee costs, it looks like she paid a cab driver to take it off and give it to her. And we know we sound like a broken record when we say this, but if a gal simply doesn’t want to put the effort in on her hair, then put it in a freaking pony tail and call it a day. This “just got out of bed, and by ‘bed,’ I mean the alleyway I passed out in last night” hair isn’t going to fly, dear.

Still, there’s a big part of us that wants to say “You go on with your badass punk rock self, sweetie! Fuck the Man!”

Just not the married Man, hon. That’s where you seem to get into trouble.

[Photo Credit: WireImage, shopbop,]

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