IN or OUT:Bérénice Bejo in Louis Vuitton

Posted on November 27, 2012

This strikes us as an “almost, but not quite.” We don’t hate it enough to pan it completely, but we think it needed some finessing.


Bérénice Bejo attends the premiere of ‘Populaire’ in Paris in a Louis Vuitton dress.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection/Models: Kel Markey and Agnes Nabuurs

Great little dress, great little clutch, great little bangles. That’s all good. We agree with the pop of color being deployed in the shoe, but the problem is, she’s wearing a seasonally appropriate (Fall/Winter) shoe with a dress that fairly screams “Spring!” It might’ve looked a bit too monochromatic (which is the high-falutin’ way of saying “matchy”)  but we think she’d have been better off with a silver shoe. She also could have deployed some shimmery hose to bring it into the season. Add some mod little booties to that and she’d have been a winner. But the real problem here is the utter lack of effort going on north of the neck. You can’t wear a mod-inspired style like this and go for the clean face and underdone hair. It just doesn’t work at all. She needed to go full-on Dusty Springfield drag realness with the hair and makeup.

Are we being too bitchy? Rhetorical question, we know.


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IN! Yes, you’re being too bitchy, bitches.


OUT! No, you are NOT being too bitchy! You are geniuses! The Da Vinci and Michelangelo of red carpet styling!


That other Berenice (Marlohe) was voted OUT for her too-complicated DVF and Naomi Watts’ own mod dress was fiercely debated, but the final tally came down to IN.

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