Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year-The Boys

Posted on November 01, 2012

Let’s have ourselves a sampling of Brit boys to get us over the hump this morning, shall we?

Hit it, boys.


Eddie Redmayne

Tom has been jonesing for a good tweedy suit to wear for February’s Fashion Week. This isn’t quite what he had in mind for himself, but it’s a great-looking suit nonetheless. And kudos to Eddie, who doesn’t look a mess for once. We wonder if that jacket isn’t too tight for him, but it’s hard to tell with it unbuttoned. Also: don’t flip up your jacket lapel like that, son. It looks stupid.



Idris Elba in Prada

Goddamnit, Idris. We were all ready for a good pants-moving moment at the sight of you and then you had to go and ruin things by failing to have your own pants hemmed properly. A delicious man is supposed to be in a deliciously tailored suit. Didn’t anyone tell you that? Well now you know.


Luke Evans

It’s … just okay. The tie’s unimaginative, the shoes don’t really go with the look, and we don’t like the cut of the jacket. We realize this will not stop many a fanboy and girl from swooning, but we have to maintain our lofty standards here. Sniff.


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