GQ Men of the Year Awards – The Men

Posted on November 14, 2012

Darlings, it’s the GQ Men of the Year Awards! Not to be confused with the Glamour Women of the Year Awards or the Elle Women of the Year Awards, or the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards and probably a couple of others we’ve neglected to mention. GodDAMN, but celebrities do love patting themselves on the back a lot don’t they?

Hit it, boys!


Aaron Paul

 We are feeling the NEED; the NEED for TWEED. Seriously, we’re so getting tweed suits before Fashion Week in February. Anyway, it’s hard to tell from the angle, which kind of makes him look like a fetus, proportionally speaking, but we like the suit. We think a tie with some contrast was called for here.


Ben Affleck

 Nicely done, sir. VERY nicely done.


Ben Feldman

 It’s good, but the flushed face and greasy looking hair or not helping the look.


Ben McKenzie

 He’s adorable and we love the unusual color, but this doesn’t look like it fits all that well.


Chace Crawford

 Never button both buttons, son. And pick a tie with some color.


Chord Overstreet

Jesus Christ, you pussies. Enough with the grey on grey looks. Color won’t make people think you’re gay, we promise.


Chris Hardwick

 He’s cute, but the jacket’s pulling and the tie is too long. But hey, a patterned tie with some color! You’re our hero, Chris!


Colton Haynes



Cory Monteith

 We appreciate the burgundy tie – with clip, even! – but we need to see a half-inch of shirt cuff, Corey.


Darren Criss

 The jacket looks a little short, but its a cute look.


Gabriel Mann

 We’re disappointed, Gabriel. It’s a nice suit, tie, and pair of shoes, but your jacket’s obviously a bit too small on you.


James Marsden

It’s a great look, but it looks a little off-season to us. This is more of a summer suit.


James Van Der Beek

 A great look. Love the pattern-on-pattern and the bright blue color. Looks a bit snug to us, though.


Jamie Foxx



Jesse Ferguson

 Cute. Shirt cuffs a bit too long.


Joshua Bowman

 Boring from a color perspective, but nicely tailored.


Lamorne Morris

 LOVE that color on him. Are those lapels leather? Because that would be kind of awesome.


Matthew Morrison

 Thank you for the purple tie, Matthew.


Mehcad Brooks

Rocking the plaid and the pocket square.


Reid Scott

 Another plaid to love. Get your hands out of your pockets, Clooney-clone.


Steven Moyer

 Put on a tie, Goddamit. It’s the GQ Men of the Year awards.




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