Garrett Hedlund in Prada

Posted on November 05, 2012

Tsk-tsk, Garrett. TSK. TSK.

We’re wagging our fingers right now. We’re even scowling a little bit.


Garrett Hedlund attends the premiere of ‘On The Road’ during the 2012 AFI Fest in Hollywood, California in Prada.

Here you are, in a perfectly gorgeous Prada suit, your hair all styled (to cover the fact that you really need a haircut; winged sideburns ain’t pretty, son), your no-doubt insanely expensive borrowed watch in place, your shoes all spit-shined and perfect. But we are tsking and wagging because you look a right mess. We don’t understand, Garrett. It’s not that hard. Tighten that tie, button that jacket, shoot those cuffs and you’d pass for stylish. Get the pants hemmed and we’ll sing hosannas to your meticulousness. Isn’t that what you want, Garrett? For us to sing our hosannas to you? Of course it is. Try harder next time.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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