Daniel Day-Lewis at ‘Lincoln’ Premiere

Posted on November 09, 2012

We almost feel guilty doing this to Daniel.

After all, he looks about as comfortable on a step-and-repeat as he would in front of a firing squad. We’ve often said that stars who became stars prior to the ubiquity of round-the-clock entertainment news and the proliferation of celebrity and fashion web sites have an almost amusingly irrational fear of the dreaded step-and-repeat. She’s getting a little bit better at it, but Michelle Pfeiffer remains the best example of this; a stunningly beautiful woman who looks absolutely terrified every time she faces that wall of cameras, resulting in some very stiff and wide-eyed pictures.

We used “ubiquity” and “proliferation” in a red carpet post. Do you get this kind of erudite classiness from Joan Rivers? We don’t think so.

Anyway, DDL has always had a distinct, and very consistent personal style. Add a little more black to his hair and these pictures could be 15 years old. It’s not really our style, but it suits him to a T; the scarf, the worn-out shirt with flipped cuffs and wide open collar, the suede loafers – it’s all pure Day-Lewis. A sort of “starving artist in a garret in Paris” look that sets him apart from all of his colleagues.

Can we just say that the ads for the Lincoln movie are downright eerie? He looks so much like him that it feels like a daguerreotype just bloomed into full color and started talking.


[Photo Credit: Getty/WireImage]

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