Cathy Cambridge in Mulberry

Posted on November 28, 2012

If we were Duchess Cathy’s Gays-in-Waiting, we would have ripped this dress right out of her hands the moment she expressed a desire to try it on.


Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge attends the official opening of The Natural History Museums’s Treasures Gallery at Natural History Museum in London, England in a Mulberry dress.

Mulberry Cabbage Silk Dress

Because, even though these pseudo-1980s secretarial styles are back in fashion, anyone with half a brain could’ve figured out that the British press would scream “DIANA!!!!!!” at the sight of her wearing it. And sure enough, they did, hauling out some old pictures of The People’s Princess wearing a dress marginally similar to this one, back in the day.

Besides, it’s just not all that great a dress. The color’s nice; or to be more accurate, it’s nice to see her wearing a color. But that’s about the only complimentary thing we can say about it.

And while we’re being bitchy… does anyone else kind of hate her hairstyle?

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