Amanda Seyfried in Brood

Posted on November 29, 2012

You know how, when you see a particularly floral kind of floral, people will say, “That looks like my grandma’s couch/drapes/nightgown, etc?” Such comparisons never occur to us because our grandmothers weren’t floral types. Instead, when we look at something like this:

Amanda Seyfried at a photocall to promote ‘Les Miserables’ in Tokyo in Brood.

Brood Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Aine O’Gorman

We can’t help but immediately think it looks like, say, a cheap ironing board cover or garment bag you’d buy at a dollar store. Kinda weirdly specific, no? But really; that’s what we see.

God bless Miss Amanda; she’s trying like hell to make this thing work, adding a belt and black tights, buttoning it up instead of exposing the totally WTF lace at the collar, and deploying the basset hound hair to cover as much of the front of the dress as possible. We say “dress,” but it’s really just a glorified tunic. A glorified tunic shaped like an oven mitt.

We can’t help it, darlings! We look at this thing and see cheap houseware items! Are we so wrong?


[Photo Credit: Getty, WENN,]

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