All On The Line S3E8: Nichole Richie

Posted on November 02, 2012

Better late than never, darlings!


Meet Nicole Ri– Oh, to hell with it. The show abandoned its format for the finale and we’re gonna do the same. Besides, this episode didn’t really lend itself to recapping because it was all so rushed and confusing.


Not that we’re complaining. Actually, we liked the change in format. For one, it would be kind of silly to treat Nicole Ritchie making a collection for QVC the same as you would treat some complete unknown making a collection for Zappo’s.


And besides, the world of fashion IS rushed and confusing most of the time. That, to us, is the best part about this show, which is the best reality fashion show on television at the moment: it gives you the best inside look at the working of this industry; an industry most people outside it don’t really understand.


It’s helped, in huge part, by the presence of Joe himself, who’s not just one of the top fashion editors out there, but an incisive and quick-witted mentor, to boot.


Joe not only knows design, he knows the business inside and out. He’s the very best person to take on a series like this. Picture someone like Tim Gunn doing a show like this. We love Tim, but he’d never be able to pull off the verbal ass-kicking these designers occasionally need and we’ve never heard him give a critique half as insightful as the ones Joe regularly dishes out.


He manages that perfect balance of aesthetic critiques, ego-boosting, and savvy business sense that only the very best fashion editors know.


Anyway, there was a lot of yaddayaddayadda about missing dresses and other such concerns. We, for our parts, were left wondering just how much input Nicole actually had in the process, because it looked to us like QVC was calling all of the shots.


This is of a piece with everything we’ve ever heard about QVC from designers (mostly Project Runway alums) who’ve worked with them in the past. They have capitalism down to a very precise science and know exactly who their customers are and what they’ll buy. If you sign on with QVC, then you’re signing away the right to have complete creative control over your work. They will tell you what you can and cannot do, even if you’re Nicole Richie.


We just about DIED when the director asked us to pose on a step-and-repeat. That was the very LAST thing we wanted to do that day, simply because we’ve been making fun of people on red carpets for five years now. Thankfully, you only saw us for a split second; not nearly enough time to critique our pants hems or posture.


And while our feet were killing us from standing in the street in brand new shoes for the several hours it took to film this segment, it helped to have our fairy blogsisters on hand. We’re all so busy during Fashion Week that we never get to spend as much time together as we’d like.


For some reason, they barely showed the clothes at all. Seriously, we couldn’t get one workable screencap from the whole collection.

Instead, we’ll give you our reaction shots.


Pensive Tom & Lorenzo.


Dubious Tom & Lorenzo.


Not-paying-any-attention-at-all Heather & Jessica.


Jubilant Tom, Lorenzo, Heather, & Jessica!


We thought the clothes were very much in the Nicole Richie mode, working that boho thing she’s been doing for years now, at a QVC price point.


So hats off once again to Mr. Joe, for giving us our favorite fashion show ever – and not because he keeps asking us to be on it.

And if you’re interested in seeing more of the collection (or even buying some of it), you can head on over to QVC.



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