Yea or Nay: Givenchy Spring 2013 Shoes

Posted on October 05, 2012

Kittens, designers lately seem to be in love with adding clear plastic elements to very expensive shoes and we have yet to see a pair that really benefits from it. The latest attempt comes from the House of Givenchy, which offered up the following in their recent Spring runway show:

Yeah… we don’t love them. And we don’t love the trend of shoes with a high heel and no toe box, because there’s no way the feet of the poor gal wearing them aren’t going to splay out all over the place in a desperate attempt to keep the damn things on and not face-plant. It’s just not an elegant look, to our eyes. And if you’re paying Givenchy levels of money for a pair of shoes, do you really want them to look like the play heels you buy for little girls?


Givenchy Spring 2013 Shoes: YEA or NAY?


And just because we know our Precious Unborn Fawns so well …. runway models are not foot models, so it would be kind of nice if we all didn’t skip the stated topic in order to discuss what we think of the feet in the shoes, rather than the shoes themselves.

EDITED TO ADD: Guys, we really don’t feel like spending our Friday night moderating this comments section so we’re going to make this very simple: If you can’t restrict your commentary to your opinions on these shoes, then don’t comment. If you wind up giving us your opinion on the feet of the models wearing these shoes, even after we specifically asked you not to, then you will be banned from the comments section.

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