That’s Not Your Suit: Bradley Cooper in Tom Ford

Posted on October 23, 2012

We do so love the Tom Ford disco 3-piece, but the more we see it, the more we think it’s a tough one to pull off.


Bradley Cooper attends the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala presented by The Los Angeles Times in Tom Ford.

It’s so … shiny. And since it’s so fitted and shiny, the slightest discrepancy or flaw in the fit is lit up like a neon sign.Things are pulling and reflecting light and generally doing an all-around great job at not being flattering.  There’s something appealingly masculine about the cut and the way it broadens the shoulders and deepens the chest, but it also has a tendency to turn the midsection into a trunk on all but the tallest and willowiest of men. The pale color and unbuttoned jacket don’t help in that regard.  We genuinely like this suit. We just don’t think it’s Bradley Cooper’s.

Don’t even get us started on the fucking hair. How do you not see those little wings on either side of your head? How do you not think it’s a deal-breaker on the whole going-out-the-front-door thing? He looks like a crime boss’ henchman on Charlie’s Angels; the kind that even Shelley Hack could take out. It looks like a Raquel Welch wig. Oh, we can’t with that hair.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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