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Posted on October 04, 2012

Kittens after seeing ourselves under the harsh lighting of reality television, we’re in the mood for something a little more flattering. Grab your panties and your passport, dolls, because we’re heading to Amsterdam!


NJOY Bar in Amsterdam

Zoe Saldana, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum

Ohhhhh, the Judging the Judges post for this week just got MUCH more interesting. Nina and Heidi, you’re up against a MASTER.

We’re heading into the finals, bitches, which means we can expect plenty of tears tonight.


As we’ve said before, we think this has been a mostly decent season of Project Runway, but it still hasn’t managed to strike that balance of unleashed creativity paired with extreme personalities. What’s laudable is the fact that whatever the producers did to manipulate the proceedings (and make no mistake: they did), it was never so obvious that it insulted our intelligence or kept someone in the competition long past the point when it was obvious they didn’t belong.

On the other hand, the runway results each week have been underwhelming. Nothing jaw-dropping ever walked down that runway; the best we got was the occasional pretty dress. What’s worse: We never got a chance to do NinaCaps because no one, not even Nina, gave us much material to work with. That makes us sad. La Nina’s playing too nice and so are the designers. We don’t want the psycho “I WILL NOT HAVE IT!” crap of last season, but something along the lines of, well… this would have been fun to see.

So let’s hear it: who’s going to make it to the finals tonight?

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for myLifetime.com, njoycocktails.com]

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