Stephen Amell’s “Arrow” Posters

Posted on October 17, 2012

Because we now have a new “Celebrity” tag, which means we’re not strictly beholden to posting fashion-related stuff only; because Tom is a big ol’ nerd and he’s semi-excited about a TV show based on Green Arrow; because Stephen once tweeted us, which sent us into girlish giggles for the day; and because his body is absolutely ridiculously hot, here’s Stephen Amell, promoting the shit out of the new “Arrow” show, which premiered last week and which runs on the CW on Wednesdays, 8p, ET:

That’s some serious Blue Steel right there.

As for the show, we watched the pilot and thought it had a lot going for it, although it felt to us like it was trying just a bit too hard. For one, having your main character provide constant voiceover narration never sounds anything but cheesy (and a little lazy) to us. For another, they’re clearly working their ass off to provide a heavy mythology for the character, with all kinds of mysterioso scheming and plotting going on, and a much larger story unfolding over the long run. That’s not a bad thing, but we think they sold it a little hard in the pilot. We’ll continue watching, because Tom’s loved Ollie Queen going back over thirty years and because Stephen Amell is sex on a stick.

In other CW news, Tom recently sat through the entire run of “Supernatural” on Netflix. It’s a lot more fun than he expected and better than it had any reason to be, but there is a disconcerting undertone of white, heterosexual male anxiety running through the entire thing. Practically every woman character was a hardcore bitch, practically every black male character was dangerously violent, and the very few times a gay person showed up, they were mostly treated for laughs, or gayness got used as an insult. It got slowly better on some of those points over time, but the overall tone of the series, in terms of social commentary, felt a bit archaic to us.



[Photo Credit: Nino Munoz]

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