Sonjia Williams Decoy Collection

Posted on October 08, 2012

Of all the finale collections, Sonjia’s was the most disappointing. We thought she showed great promise during the competition and figured early on that she was going to be a contender, but what walked out was awkward and derivative, which were two words that had never occurred to us to describe her aesthetic up to that point.

Let’s start the show.

The top is pure Roland Mouret. The bottom is every granny-panties-under-lace look that walked a runway in the last 5 years. A very disappointing start – although we did love the use of her signature head scarf.


The top is a big ol’ nothing, and the bottom is unwieldy and unflattering, rendered in a fabric straight out of a Dolce & Gabbana collection.


It was at this point that we figured she was a decoy and not a finalist. This is so half-assed we’re almost embarrassed for her.


This is the first real runway-ready look in the collection. It’s a bit evocative of recent Dolce & Gabbana collections, but not so much that we feel the need to make an issue of it. Love the neckline. Not so sure about the lace hem.


The pants are okay, but the top (broken record, we know) is just plain awkward.


Another runway-ready look that feels more like the Sonjia we were expecting. Had she sent out ten looks on this level, we would have considered it a travesty that she wasn’t a finalist. We don’t love the satin-y skirt, but the look is sleek and dramatic.


There she is. There’s the Sonjia who got the judges’ attention early in the competition. We don’t love the lace (another broken record), but the proportions here are great and that jacket is crazy-cute.


This is okay – although it feels like it belongs with another collection. Those shorts are interesting, but we can’t imaging who would want to wear a pair of pin-tucked leather shorts. ANd the leather lapels look a little half-assed.


She has this tendency to pair totally nondescript items like that top and vest with totally odd items like those upholstery pants. None of these pieces feel like they belong together or came from the same collection.


Interesting shape for the jacket (which looks like it needs a lining), but that dress is a total WTF. In fact, we’re pretty sure we heard a couple people in the tents say “What the fuck?” as it walked out. Looking like you were attacked by cats is so not chic.

We don’t know if she just didn’t feel like putting the work in since she had no shot at the big prize or whether this is really her best work. We lean toward the former explanation because she produced better work during the competition and because roughly half of this collection is pretty good. It’s the other half that has us scratching our heads.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

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