Sarah Hyland in Alice + Olivia and Zimmerman

Posted on October 17, 2012

At first glance, we rated this look as being a bit too precious for our tastes. But this is why you shouldn’t always rely on your first glance. Because really, the outfit’s fairly standard…


Sarah Hyland attends the Nylon October IT issue celebration in West Hollywood, California in a top by Alice+Olivia and skirt by Zimmerman.

Alice + Olivia Bali Top with Pearl Bead Embellished Peter Pan Collar

It’s the face and hair that gave us toothaches. But again, that’s just not fair. Aren’t we being very thoughtful and pensive and shit this morning? It’s annoying. Anyway, our original thinking was, wow, that’s a lot of makeup and Sarah Palin hair for one tiny gal. But here’s why we stepped back from the bitchery abyss: that IS her face. It’s pretty hard not to make Sarah Hyland look a little precious. She’s got a face like an anime character, with the giant eyes and tiny nose and mouth. Sure, maybe that lip color’s a bit much, but after we took a good, long look at her, we swung around to thinking the look works. We guess we’re not quite used to seeing her wearing that much makeup and it looked a little jarring to us.

Anyway, before we turn this into T Lo’s Makeup Blog (GOD, could you imagine?), we’ll say that the skirt’s kind of cool, but shaped a little funny; the top is really cute and suits her face and hair, and the shoes are kind of a disappointment.

There you go, honey. You got the full T Lo Assessment. Aren’t you lucky?


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