RPDR All Stars: Comedy Tonight

Posted on October 30, 2012



Doing a drag version of The Newlywed Game? Brilliant.


Having everyone perform it out of drag? Missed opportunity. But Miss Ru loves her some ’70s game show realness, so this was mostly fun.


This was … kinda not.


WELL into this segment – and it felt like it went on for an hour – we turned to each other with the realization that we hadn’t laughed once, despite all the guffawing on screen.


Vicki Lawrence’s Mama on a Laugh-In parody with a bunch of celebrity female impersonators? What?

We realize that if you were to read that sentence without seeing the show, you’d think it would sound awesomely campy. It could have been, but it was mostly just plain awkward. We’re not talking triple threats when we assess the performing talents of these ladies. Most of them can’t even manage one threat.


But except for Manila’s Madonna, which was awesome, most of the impersonations were lame and unfunny.


Nina went too obscure and Tammie picked a character done to death by DQs and then did nothing notable with it.


Raven as Bea Arthur and Jujubee as Fran Drescher: Just okay.


Manila was very good, but Latrice’s Oprah was a huge disappointment. We’d have thought he could do her in his sleep.


Alexis was a big ol’ nothing as Shakira and Yara was a big ol’ cliche as Charo. Nobody did anything truly funny or interesting with their characters.


And bless their hearts, but you’d think Shannel and Chad were both 70 years old, given their style. It’s not that we don’t have an appreciation of old school drag, but they have to know this kind of staleness isn’t going to win it for them, don’t they?


Gorgeous. That may be our favorite Ru gown for some time.


They brought it to the catwalk. They both look very polished and cute.


Good, but not great. We think Michelle’s complaint about the eye makeup is a bit absurd since we’re talking about Drag Queens doing go-go schtick, but neither look was as polished as it could have been.


We’re sorry; we don’t want to be mean – especially since they’re both younger than we are – but they just look like old queens, no matter how much they shimmy. And when we say “old,” we mean much, much older than their actual ages, which is why it’s a problem. They both need to shake up their act quite a bit if they want to stay in the game.


Cute, but underdeveloped.


They don’t even look like two people who know each other, let alone teammates. Neither of them look bad exactly, but they’re in different solar systems. Tammie seemed to spin further and further out of control the more she realized her brand of weirdness simply wasn’t wowing anyone in the room.


So Yarlexis wins it, although we weren’t impressed with anything but their final looks.


Tammie and Latrice face off for the lip synch and no matter what other complaints we have about the episode, that was a hell of a competitive moment. Both those queens brought it, in their respective manners. Latrice was the clear winner, to our eyes, but Tammie was on fire. We wish we’d seen more of that. In fact, we wish the energy and “high drag” of the lip synch could be a template for the rest of the show. The ’70s variety act schtick doesn’t work as well as Ru seems to think.


And it kind of sucks to see Nina going home. But, while Tammie brought her own set of problems to the team, Nina didn’t exactly set the world on fire with her performance this week.


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