Red Carpet Pairs Division: Watts and Schreiber

Posted on October 22, 2012

We don’t know what it is about these two, but every time we see them together, it just feels like a short social obligation between non-stop, marathon fuck sessions.


Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber attend the 2012 ‘Take Home a Nude Benefit Art Auction’ at Sotheby’s in NYC. Naomi Watts wore a Victoria Beckham dress paired with Christian Louboutin shoes, and Valentino bag.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 Collection/Model: Kate King

Look at them. They’re scoping out broom closets for quickies while they’re posing. And they did some unzipping and zipping in that limo.

Anyway, let’s judge them. As if the previous 40 words weren’t judgmental.

SHE: Is wearing that same dress Vicki Posh wore (and designed) for the cover of Elle France. It’s a great dress, but we’re thinking a more colorful version was needed for the red carpet. This looks a bit like something you’d wear to a luncheon, assuming you attend luncheons to do anything but eat. Also, she needed to make some adjustments when she got out of the limo. It’s all riding up on her and this dress is supposed to be all about the sleekness. But what REALLY drives us nuts is her accessories. She wore a neutral -colored dress, and then paired it with neutral accessories – in neutrals that actually clash with each other. It’s pretty damn hard to fine neutrals that clash, but bless her, she did. And frankly, the shoes are kind of ugly. Switch them out for something more classic-with-a-twist, get a colored version of that dress and purse, and you might have had yourself a WERQ, honey. As it is… Score: 5/10. For REALLY bad accessorizing.

HE: Is sporting his look. It’s his thing. Dark suit, white shirt, dark tie; all with as little color as possible. Here is what we appreciate: despite being disheveled and lacking color, his suit fits him well, as far as we can tell. It might be lacking in excitement, but this look is a style classic, and there’s something appealing about the mountain man head paired with the Don Draper suit. And we are HIGHLY appreciative of the fact that he keeps that mountain man head of his appropriately trimmed and styled for public appearances. The beard really suits him, and it looks great when it’s well-trimmed and paired with a suit. Bottom line: he’s wearing a classic look, that suits and fits him, and he kept his head trimmed appropriately for the venue and the outfit. The worst we can say is that he’s disheveled. Score: 8/10. A little color next time. And it’s not hard to straighten your tie and close your jacket.

Combined Score: 6.5/10. Basically, they both need to add some color to their wardrobe and stop unzipping each other in the limo ride on the way over.

[Photo Credit: Gettty,]

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