Rebel Wilson on Jay Leno

Posted on October 03, 2012

We go back and forth on this one and we’re going to throw this out to the ladies of size in the readership to get their perspective.

Rebel Wilson makes an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’  in a Tadashi Shoji dress.

See, we’ve been really impressed with her lately because she, or whoever dresses her, seems to have a very good understanding of how to dress her body to its best advantage and that’s not always true about plus-sized celebrity gals. We first saw the pictures of her walking out and shouted huzzahs at her for how fantastic she looked.

Then she sat down.

But look, that’s her body. That’s what her body does when she sits down. We still think she looks pretty fantastic. If we opined that she needed to either wear something big and flowy to hide her body or that she needed to corset herself to alter the shape of her body, we think that’d come off awfully condescending. We’ll recommend shapewear when a lady needs a tiny little bit of help to smooth out the bumps when she’s wearing something tight, but we don’t think shapewear should be deployed to attempt to radically alter a body’s shape (which never works anyway). And we’ve never been of the school of thinking that says larger-sized women should wear tents to hide their shape as if it’s shameful. To us, saying that she shouldn’t have worn that dress because it reveals that she has a prominent stomach would be the same thing as saying that she shouldn’t wear dresses because her legs aren’t sticks – and we’d never say that. To us, the real issue here is that it’s too short for her when she sits down, but we don’t think the silhouette or fit is wrong for her at all.

So, ladies? What’s the deal here? Does this work for you or should she attempt some other silhouette?



Also: kudos to her hair and makeup team.


[Photo/Video Credit: NBC]

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