Project Runway: Melissa’s Collection

Posted on October 19, 2012

There was a moment last night when we could have sworn Melissa was getting the winner’s edit. After all, not just Project Runway, but pretty much all competitive reality shows just love a good Hail Mary pass at the last second, from an underdog. And while we generally like her aesthetic, and think she’s produced some good work on the show, we really didn’t buy the story they were trying to sell us last night. From what we can tell, she choked on the basic collection and even though the judges’ critique lit a fire under her ass, she would’ve had to start from scratch in order to have any shot at the prize.

This is actually a good look and a nice, strong piece to open the show. It’s not a coincidence that it’s tailored exactly to the judges’ critiques.


This is largely forgettable, really. Sure, there’s some seaming, blocking, and a ruffle, but it’s not adding up to much.


This is a nice, sharp look that can be bought in any of thousands of stores right now.


This is just plain odd. When you get a chance to do a full-blown show and send 40 looks down a runway, you can have fun with stuff like this, if you present it correctly. But now was not the time for a leather bathing suit and a pointless cover-up that looks barely finished.


Utterly forgettable and not really runway-worthy.




MAN, did Kors overpraise this one. We think Melissa needs to develop her sense of proportion. That was one of the main problems with this collection. The cutout, the weirdly shaped shoulder, and the way it makes her left boob collapse is just plain bad design.


The jacket and shorts are cute and well made. The top is all kinds of wrong for the look and brings it way down.


The only interest in this gown came from the back. That’s not awful, but again: you don’t have a lot of room in a ten-piece collection. Make a strong statement; and if you’re going to do minimalism, do it in some sort of dazzling way. From the front, this is a big ol’ nothing – and truth be told, the back wasn’t so interesting as to make up for it.

Why she didn’t just put a slit in the skirt or hem it to knee length to solve the whole “model can’t walk” thing escapes us.


Everyone treated it like a show-stopper but we think it was awkward as hell. A dramatic red dress was a very good idea but the neck treatment and the wildly asymmetrical skirt were just too clumsy for one look. And lemme tell you, that thing rode up high when looked at from the side. No wonder Heidi loved it.



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